About Me

I call it 'Back to the Roots'. After numerous stations in my previous career as a designer, it was not until late that I found illustration, which today, like everything I have done, fills me with absolute passion. During my studies I already worked in an advertising agency. After studying graphic design in Münster, it was television design and equipment that led me to the television broadcaster WDR for years. Then the free media world attracted me. As a freelancer, I then created large and small stage sets for broadcasters such as SAT.1, Kabel 1, WDR and DSF, which led me deeper into the broad private television world. And again I accepted an offer and took on the on-air design for SAT.1 regional television as well as trailer and video productions for advertising agencies with my company for several years. After the publication of my children's book, I finally found my way into publishing, where, as mentioned at the beginning, a creative cycle was closed again.
Many who know me say that drawing and illustrating is my real strength and passion. In fact, illustration is more than just "drawing pretty pictures". You grapple with a manuscript, research, learn a tremendous amount about the food pyramids and sensitivities of dog breeders, major triads in music and pre-pubescent trials and tribulations of ten-year-old kids. Then you grumble about the small space that the typesetters have planned on the pages and think about which motif expresses the text effectively. Deadline pressure and communication with the customer, here the editors, have remained. However, I swapped a large office with a small but nice home office, a lot of running with calm views into the countryside and still find everything exciting. I work and live in Dortmund.